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Friday, December 21, 2007

Lakewood Gift Certificates!! A great holiday gift.

The perfect gift idea for last-minute shoppers! Lakewood CertifiCheck gift certificates are available for purchase at Phoenix Coffee located at 15108 Detroit.

Check out the list of 185 Lakewood businesses that will accept the gift certificates on the LakewoodAlive website link below.

So far we have sold over $3500 worth, exceeding out annual goal in one month!

Lakewood Gift Certificate Merchant list

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Lakewood Hospital First!

A new lighting system was recently installed in two of Lakewood Hospital's major operating room suites. We are the first hospital in the U.S. to receive the new FDA approved LED [light emitting diode] system. This state-of-the-art lighting will contribute to the critical procedures performed in the Neurosurgery and Open Heart Suites.

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Keep Lakewood Walkable this Winter!

Lakewood's walkability is one of our strongest assets and has significant economic/social implications.

The fact of the matter is that OUR CHILDREN NEED TO WALK!

Children that walk to school are far less likely to be obese, and are more mentally focused and prepared to learn in the classroom. Lakewood is one of the most walkable cities in the state, and we need to ensure that our kids can walk to school year round.

Please lead by example and clear your sidewalk - and your neighbor's too!

The City of Lakewood Division of Aging offers snow removal assistance for seniors. Call (216) 5211515 for further information.

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New Main Street Website and other news...

New Website!

Thanks to the invaluable assistance and generosity of LakewoodAlive member and web designer, Mark Dubis, Main Street Lakewood finally has a website:

Inspired by the Lakewood Observer to move forward on this project, we decided to adopt the format of the well-received LakewoodAlive website, designed by members KC McKenna and Jonathan Morgan.

We will be peridocally recognizing our partners on the homepage. Since the Chamber of Commerce help to found LCPI, and continues to support us with essential funding, it is our inaugural honoree!

Other news:

First New Jersey, owner of the INA Building, is working with Cleveland-based Herschman Architects on a concept design for a new facade.

We are in contact with property owners and the City to assure sidewalks remain clear for pedestrians in the commercial district during the winter season. Except in a few instances where we've had to sort out who is responsible for what, most sidewalks were clear on Monday morning. Cooperation by businesses is very good. We want to make downtown Lakewood an inviting and accessible place to visitors in every season. We hope you notice the effort!

We received the final copy of the Detroit Streetscape design from City Architecture this week. It will be posted on the City, Main Street and LakewoodAlive websites shortly. It will be presented to the Planning Commission for approval and then to City Council for adoption.

Building on the success of Light Up Lakewood, we are in the early stages of another community event on Detroit Avenue in downtown Lakewood this summer. Let us know if you'd like to be involved.

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Main Street Lakewood/LCPI and LakewoodAlive

Main Street Lakewood/LCPI

If you've enjoyed Light Up Lakewood, appreciate the possibilities of the Lakewood Blossoms window box program or support our efforts to engage property and business owners in Detroit Avenue's revitalization, please consider a gift to Lakewood Community Progress Inc.(LCPI) in 2007.

As a 501-c(3) organization, your donation is tax deductible and will help to assure our progress continues. Gifts can be directed to specific programs (Light Up Lakewood, Lakewood Blossoms, Main Street Lakewood) or unrestricted for use in our collaborative efforts, such as those with LakewoodAlive, to protect and advance Lakewood's economic development interests. Go to the link below for information on making a gift.


To make a non-tax deductible contribution directly to LakewoodAlive to support its ongoing efforts to inform and engage residents on issues related to economic development, please send checks to:

PO Box 770364
Lakewood, OH 44107

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