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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Volunteer Service Award News Release

July 15, 2009


LakewoodAlive is delighted to announce that Timothy P. Laskey will be the first recipient of the newly created LakewoodAlive Volunteer Service Award. The award presentation will be made this Saturday, July 18 at 5:00 pm on the LakewoodAlive and Well Streetwalk stage located in front of the Lakewood Center North Building, 14600 Detroit Avenue.

In recognition of Tim’s decades-long service to a variety of Lakewood institutions and organizations, the award will be presented annually to deserving individuals by LakewoodAlive as the Laskey Volunteer Service Award.

LakewoodAlive Board Treasurer, Mary Sue McGorray, reports, “After more than six years of service and as a founding member of LakewoodAlive and Lakewood Community Progress Inc., the board of directors wanted to recognize Tim’s recent resignation from the board in a meaningful way that would reflect his incredible volunteer dedication to the community. Tim has established a legacy of volunteer service in Lakewood and this award will allow us to honor those who follow in his footsteps in terms of professionalism and devotion to civic interests. “

A Certified Public Accountant, Tim has operated Laskey CPA from its beautifully renovated 12511 Madison Avenue location since 1991. In addition to serving LakewoodAlive and LCPI, Tim has volunteered personal and/or professional services to other Lakewood causes including: Lakewood Public Library, Lakewood Hospital Foundation, Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, Lakewood Historical Society, Lakewood Music Boosters, St. Luke’s Catholic Church, Lakewood Civic Auditorium Renovation Committee, Grow Lakewood Finance Committee and Lakewood Senior Citizen, Inc.

Tim is married to Patti and together they raised three daughters in Lakewood, each accomplished in their own right. LakewoodAlive thanks Tim for his commitment to the Lakewood community and for being a role model to all civic volunteers. Congratulations, Tim.

LakewoodAlive is a nonprofit economic development organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of residents by creating alliances with community leaders, leveraging community assets and expanding the pool of available resources to facilitate economic stability and growth in Lakewood, Ohio.


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

City Income Tax Amnesty


July 14, 2009

City of Lakewood to use IRS records to collect delinquent income taxes

The City of Lakewood is launching a new initiative to collect delinquent income taxes. This initiative is to ensure that every taxpayer is aware of and contributing to the funding of city services (police, fire, street maintenance, waste collection, etc.) which benefit everyone.

The first phase will be a voluntary compliance opportunity. The City of Lakewood will offer a one-time income tax amnesty as an opportunity to “wipe the slate clean” and encourage future compliance. Beginning Tuesday, July 21 through Wednesday, September 30, 2009, the City will allow residents and businesses to:

• File outstanding tax return(s) and pay the outstanding tax and interest in full without penalties
• Pay outstanding tax balance(s) and interest in full without penalties
• Pay outstanding penalties only balance(s) at a reduced amount

The second phase will be a more thorough identification of noncompliant taxpayers. A recently formed partnership with the City of Cleveland and the Central Collection Agency (CCA) allows the Income Tax Division access to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax records. This increases the City of Lakewood’s ability to identify taxpayers who did not file and/or pay the proper city income tax. Taxpayers identified after the income tax amnesty will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Lakewood Income Tax Ordinance and be held responsible for all penalties and interest levied against any outstanding tax balance(s).

The Municipal Income Tax Division will prepare your Lakewood tax return for free and no appointments are necessary. The Tax Division is located at 12805 Detroit Avenue in the City Hall Annex Building on the corner of Detroit and Alameda Avenue. The Division can address any questions or concerns regarding this one-time tax amnesty in person, by phone at (216) 529-6620, or by email at during their regular business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
Frequently asked questions, additional information, extended hours, and/or tax forms are available on the City of Lakewood website at

For more information, contact Patricia Chittock, Municipal Income Tax Division Manager, at (216) 529-6622.

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